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Akimichi Lydia
Akimichi Ridia
BirthdayApril 25
Eye ColorOrchid
Hair ColorOrchid
Home PlaceBrazil, Rio de Janeiro (RJ)
Director Info
PartnerMinazuki Erika
Most Famous SeriesGo! Gamers Pretty Cure
Akimichi Lydia (秋道リディア Akimichi Ridia?) is the pen name for User:CureLove12. She is a Pretty Cure director and writer, best known for Go! Gamers Pretty Cure. She has also written songs that feature in her Pretty Cure series, including the openings and endings. Her best and childhood friend, is Minazuki Erika, who help her to create the most loved character of Go! Gamers Pretty Cure, Eri Asuka. She is also singer and voice actress.


Lydia says to be considered "Popular" and a social butterfly. She is shy towards of strangest, but, she is very nice and easily make friends. She is funny and uses slang all the time, she says does not like making promises and also loves Ketchup, and also likes to listen and make jokes and puns, especially those that are bad "The good are the good and the bad are the best" Lydia said. She likes to dance and sing, and her dance style, one time confirm by herself, is the Waacking, which she does an amazing perform. She says to be "lazybone" and her gentle and energetic nature makes it easy for her to make friends, she is very well-known and has a very good reputation. She said she has an addiction, that is to get a lot of time on the Internet and says not to follow this example. Her puns are manly about skeletons. Like Erika, she has a habit of calling people "Friend"


Lydia has orchid hair to match with her eyes in the same color, which is seen lying on her shoulder. Larger bangs obscuring her right eye. Her hair is wild, leaving some of hair tips messy and spiked, manly in the bangs. She also use a red headband with a gold heart-shaped stone with almost invisible polka dots. A blue diamond can be seen on her forehead. Her outfit consists into a three-layers, ruffled shirt, with midriff barring and in three shades of purple, black leggings with her black cardigan around the waist and violet matching shoes with small ribbons on the top.


Original Name: Lydia Ferreira de Oliveira Ribeiro dos Santos
Japanese: Akimichi Lydia
Nickname: Prisma Sans
Go! Gamers Inventor
Age: 13
Gender: Female
Place of Birth: Brazil, Rio de Janeiro (RJ)
Birthday: April 25
Currently living in: São Paulo (SP)
Ethnicity: Brazilian
Blood Type: O
Occupation: Student
Pretty Cure write
Sexual Orientation: males

Food: Noodles
Colour: Purple and Pink, and black
Animal: cats and dogs
Number: 7 and 10
Holiday: Christmas and easter
Season: summer
Time of day: day
Thing to watch: series, cartons, Animes and YouTube
Movie: Minions
Show: Modern Family
Genre of music: pop and classic
Genre of literature: novel
Genre of shows: comedy and action
Genre of movies: action, comedy




Akimichi translation to "Autumn Road" as 秋 means "Autumn" while 道 means "Road"

Lydia means "from Lydia" in Greek. Lydia was a region on the west coast of Asia Minor. In the New Testament this is the name of a woman converted to Christianity by Saint Paul. In the modern era the name has been in use since the Protestant Reformation.


Lydia, in addition to singing and dancing, writes songs and also covers them. Check out the incomplete list of songs she composed and some covers.

  • Sweet dreams are Coming ☆
  • Love Me!
  • Stronger than you (Undertale ver.) (Cover)
  • I'm A Star!
  • Love Like You (Cover)
  • Strong In the Real Way (Along with Erika; Cover)
  • High-End Star (Cover)
  • Temos que Pegar (Música tema do Pokemon) (Cover)


Season Run Theme
Go! Gamers Pretty Cure 2019-02-09 Video Games
Kunoichi Pretty Cure! 2017-01-27 Ninjas



Many thanks to Neko, who designed the image, thank you so much for the drawing that was really very good, thank you so much.

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