Amagawa Hotaru
Amagawa Hotaru
Go! Gamers Pretty Cure
Hair ColorDark Purple
Eye ColorGold
Home PlaceOdayakana
First AppearanceGGPC13
Japanese Voice ActorRina Satō
Brazilian Voice ActorAna Lúcia Menezes
Amagawa Hotaru (天川蛍 Amagawa Hotaru) is a minor character in Go! Gamers Pretty Cure. She makes her first debut in Episode 13 as the Ayame's rival.


Her first appearance in Episode 13. She returns to Odayakana and find Ayame and her friends. Hotaru ask if they want to help her in the next concert that will happen tonight, they all say yes and help her. When the concert start Pussy appears and transform Hotaru in a Muchitsujo! Ayame transform into Pretty Cure and purifity the Muchitsujo with Blue Sonical Wave. Later, Hotaru and Ayame become friends again.


Hotaru has a dark purple hair passing her shoulders, with her bangs framing the left side of her face, part of her hair is held with a braid in the back with the rest loose. Her braid is decor with light pink ribbons around and a gold rimmed pink heart stone on the top. She also has gold eyes. She is more seen use the Odayakana Primary Middle School Uniform.


When Ayame and Hotaru was a child, Hotaru do all for attention. One day, in a sing competition, Hotaru sing Sonic Dream (a Ayame original song) and say that she write the lyrics and compose the melody, Ayame was very angry and they start to be rivals.

Today, Hotaru become a very famous Idol. She looks like to be good in the same time is bad for Ayame. Hotaru in the stage is graceful and cheerful doing her fans to loves her more and more. When she not is on stage, she is smiling and happy girl, is easy to her make new friends.


Ayame Hayato-Started, Ayame and Hotaru was friends, but later turns into rivals. Ayame see the change of personality of Hotaru and gives to her a second chance.


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