Amagawa Miki
Amagawa Miki
Idol Star Pretty Cure♪
Personal Info
Hair ColorRed
Eye ColorGold
Home PlaceHoshi Akari
First AppearanceISPC17
Japonese Voice Actor(s)Asai Ayaka
Pretty Cure Info

Amagawa Miki (天川美姫 Amagawa Miki) is a minor character who appears in Idol Star Pretty Cure♪. She is nicknamed the "Idol Princess", and is a model-talented student.


Miki has long red hair tied into a ponytail, with a braid on the side of her head that goes back into her ponytail, and has golden eyes. She is mostly seen wearing the Yumesaki Academy school uniform.


Miki is a confident and proud girl, and has self-proclaimed herself as the "Idol Princess". She is quite boastful, especially when it comes to modelling. She believes that she is the best model, and even challenges third-year student Murasaki Kotone to a fashion show, which will determine the better model.


  • Murasaki Kotone - Miki sees Kotone as a rival, and thus challenges her to a fashion show, something that Kotone trains too hard for in order to please her family, but ends up collapsing. In the end, neither girl was determined as the better model, as they were both too good.


Becoming a Namida

Miki walks onto the scene when the Cures are about to face Antaeus, and she complains that the noise had disturbed her beauty sleep. Just then, Antaeus summoned a bell, and jingled the bell around, creating horrible music. Miki fell to her knees, covering her ears. She then fell unconscious, and turned into a Namida! She is soon rescued after the Cures performed "Musical Maestro" to purify the Namida.



Official Profile/Art


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