Blue Sonica Wave (ブルーソニカウェーブ Burū Sonika Uēbu?) is the that Cure Sonica uses in episode 2. She needs of her GamePact and the Attack Card to perform this attack.


Ayame pick up her GamePact then put the Attack Card at her GamePact and enter the Konami Code released several sound waves of blue colour, leaving the Muchotsujo deaf. As she annuities the attack name and press the start button leaving the sound waves even stronger, giving leave to another cure purify the Muchitsujo.



キュアソニカ:マッシュルーム 、ファイト、サンダー


Kyua Sonika:Purikyua! Burū Sonika u~ēbu
Kyua Sonika: Masshurūmu, faito, sandā


Cure Sonica:Pretty Cure! Blue Sonica Wave
Cure Sonica:Mushroom, Fight, Thunder

Blue Sonica Wave! Final Smash

The upgrade of the attack Blue Sonica Wave that Cure Sonica uses in episode 11. She needs of her GamePact and the Stick/Rod Card to perform this attack.


Ayame put her Rod/Stick Card at her GamePact then her rod appears she press the button and light blue lights are lit going upward until reach the Spade. Ayame jump while Say "Pretty Cure" and file down, she say "Blue" and drawn a spade then saying "Sonical Wave!" and puts her stick in Spade released several sound waves of blue colour, she shoot the Spade in the target.





Kyua Sonika:Purikyua! Burū Sonicaru u~ēbu


Cure Sonica:Pretty Cure! Blue Sonical Wave

White Angel Wave

White Angel Wave (Howaito Enjeru u~ēbu ホワイトエンジェルアウェーブ?) is the attack that Rainbow Sonica uses in Episode 15. She needs of her GamePact and the Rainbow Card to perform it.


Cure Sonica (In her Rainbow Form) sing the first part of the incantation, her voice makes the Muchitsujo sleeps, her GamePact appears in her hands, and enter the Konami Code released several sound waves of white colour and press the start button leaving the sound waves even stronger as she announces the attack name and the Muchitsujo freezes and becomes an ice statue and then explodes into the air, while Cure Sonica strikes a pose and faces away from the Muchitsujo exploded.



Kyua Sonika:Purikyua! Howaito Enjeru u~ēbu




Cure Sonica:Pretty Cure! White Angel Wave


Watashinokao namida ga tokide sae nagare-ka e
Tatoe sekai saigo ni kite
Watashi wa shite okou tatakai to shinji watashitachi no akarui mirai de
Watashinonamaeha kyua Sonikadeari, soreha watashitachi no mirai o mamoru purikyua to shite watashi no gimudearu tame

Shizukade utsukushī yuki ga rakka shi, akarui kōri no kesshō
Samu-sa ga watashi no kokoro o atatame watashi wa tatakau tame ni motto chikara o atae
Shin no utsukushi-sa wa,-gai kara kite dakedo kokoronosokokara
tanin no kangaete iru yasashī kokoro
Watashi ga mamori kokoro no utsukushi

Kikoeru watashi no White Angel Wave kono uta to koi ni ochi
Watashi wa sore ga anata no tsumetai kokoro o tokasudarou to kakushin shite
Dakara purikyua howaito enjeruu~ēbu!
Gēmu Kuria

私はしておこう戦いと信じ 私たちの明るい未来で


聞こえる私のWhite Angel Wavesこの歌と恋に落ち

Even when the tears stream down my face
Even if the world is coming to an end
I'll keep fighting and believing in our bright future
Because my name is Cure Sonica, and it is my duty as Pretty Cure protect our future

Quiet and beautiful snowflakes falling and bright crystals
The cold warms my heart and give me more strength to fight
True beauty does not come from the outside but from the heart
The gentle heart that thinks of others
I will protect the beauty of hearts

Hear my White Angel Waves and fall in love with this song
I'm sure that will melt your cold heart
So Pretty Cure White Angel Wave!
Game Clear


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