The Book of Stars (星の書籍 Hoshi no shoseki) is a book that holds all the information about Pretty Cure and their respective brands in it, and it is also used as storage for the Star Cards.


A book with a hot pink cover that bears the Idol Star insignia. The spine of the book is gold. Behind the insignia, there are silhouettes of the five Pretty Cures.


The Book of Stars holds a lot of information in it, including:

  • Cure Harmony - The Melody of Love. Her special ability is being able to run faster and jump higher. Her brand is Sparkle Angel, which is made for idols who are cute and lovely, and has an angelic motif.
  • Cure Serenade - The Rhythm of Hope. Her special ability is to predict the enemy's next move. Her brand is Bright Future, which is made for idols who are cool and stylish, and has a futuristic dance theme.
  • Cure Operetta - The Beat of Happiness. Her special ability is that she is physically the strongest. Her brand is Happy Magic, which is made for idols who are unique and free, and has an energetic feel to it.
  • Cure Concert - The Song of Courage. Her special ability is to electrocute anyone by touching them. Her brand is Lolly Vamp, which is made for idols who are elegant and gothic, and it brings out a mysterious charm.
  • Cure Rhapsody - The Ballad of Kindness. Her special ability is to generate shields. Her brand is Lovely Blossom, which is made for idols who are sexy and gorgeous, and is always brimming with passion.


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