Cure Love lights attack (Kyuaraburaitoatakku キュアラブライトアタック) is the attack that Cure Love uses in episode 2. She needs Peach and the attack Princess Decoration to do it.


The Sakebot gets purified Cure Love first inserted the Princess Decoration in the Line. She create a heart of light and Say "Pretty Cure...." then she spin put her hands into the heart and ends the phrase saying "Cure Love lights attack!" and a huge light begins to leave the heart purifies the Sakebot


Japanese Cure Love:私の甘い心はあなたに到達します
Cure Love:プリキュア!キュアラブライトアタック!


Cure Love:Watashi no amai kokoro wa anata ni tōtatsu shimasu
Cure Love:Purikyua! Kyua rabu raito attaku


Cure Love:My sweet heart will reach you
Cure Love:Pretty Cure! Cure Love lights attack


  • This is the Cure Love main attack

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