Go! Gamers Pretty Cure
Personal Info
Hair ColorUnknown
Eye ColorUnknown
FamilyPussy (Fake Daughter)
Home PlaceLavender
First AppearanceGGPC01
 DaiKirai is the main antagonist of the series Go! Gamers Pretty Cure as well the lead of the Lavender. He objetive is to spread the chaos and undoing to the world.


Pussy When Pussy is very angry with Luma, Daikirai convinced Pussy to living a life of despair and Pussy turns the right hand man of Daikirai.


Daikirai wears a dark green floor-length robe lined with light blue accents at the bottom of the robe and the sleeves and light green accents and a scarf running down the front. The robe also has a mantle of the same color with dark yellow fringe hanging off of it and an off-white cape. He face not will be show.


Daikirai is the cruel lead of the Lavender. He hates Happiness and Joy but love despair, Saddiness, hate, chaos and undoing. He usually don't say what he feels his right hand man Pussy is able to understand what his feels.


Pussy-Pussy is the right hand man of Daikirai. He create her as if she was her daughter.



  • Daikirai means "Hate" in Japanese.
  • Daikirai is the first antagonist to feel filings for a Cure.
    • Daikirai create Pussy as if she was her daughter.

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