Earthlight Pretty Cure!
Personal Info
SpeciesRabbit-like creature
Hair ColorWhite and light pink
Eye ColorBright red
Home PlaceNature Kingdom
First AppearanceELPC01
Japonese Voice Actor(s)Nonaka Ai
Pretty Cure Info

Daisy (デイジー Deijī?) is the main mascot in Earthlight Pretty Cure!. She is a white rabbit-like fairy who is kind and energetic, she also loves flowers. She end her sentences with "~isy"


Daisy is a rabbit-like fairy. She has white fur and bright red eyes. In her belly, her fur is light pink and also is heart shape. She wears a raspberry bow in her right ear and a white wreath made by Aria.


Daisy has a bit of the personality of them all, she loves flowers and is very friendly like Hanako, likes of technology a lot and also screams a lot when she is excited, as well as having the desire to protect someone like Mizu, loves eat sweet things like Moeru and is manages to make a sad person smile again as she is very energetic and her positivity is very contagious just like Aria, that makes her have a very good relationship with all of them.


  • The Pretty Cures - Daisy loves they so much, and also want to protect they. She is very loyal to they all.


Daisy's voice actresses, Nonaka Ai, have participated in one image song for the character they play.


  • She is the third rabbit-like fairy.
  • Daisy shares the same name with Cure Daisy.

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