Earthlight Pretty Cure!
Personal Info
Hair ColorDark Blue with white ombre
Eye ColorDark Blue with Crescent moon and white dots highlights
Home PlaceEndless Darkness
First AppearanceELPC01
Japonese Voice Actor(s)Maaya Uchida
Pretty Cure Info

Empress Selena (エルフ・セレナ Erufu Serena?) is the main antagonist in Earthlight Pretty Cure!. Selena is a 9-years old girl, but is very strong and is very mature for her age. She is evil and hates dreams and hopes. Her goal is to destroy the earth and end with the nature.


Selena is rigorous and violent. She is merciless and say she was once seen crushed skulls for fun. She is a little dramatic sometimes, making a great interpretation, she is most often seen sitting on a throne. She has a passion for sweet things, and most of the time she's eating cakes and stuff like that. She is not afraid of anything and nobody being that she makes the rules. She also has a whip as a weapon.


Despite her age, Selena is very powerful and displays great skill in dark magic. It has been said that the more Yami that are created, the more powerful Selena becomes. She has the power to take a whip from the star-shaped signal that is on her chest, which she uses to do various things, most of the time to whip commanders when they lose for the Pretty Cures.


Selena has dark blue hair about waist-length with bangs swooped to the side. Her hair is seen lying on her shoulder and with a silver tiara on her head, she also has dark blue eyes with silver cresent moon highlights and some white dots that symbolize stars. Her hair tip are white and float by themselves. She has a star-shaped signal that is on her chest. Her clothes consist of a short black cheap prom dress with a dark blue belt around her waist, white high heels and short black gloves with dark blue ribbons around her wrist. She also has dark blue star-shaped earrings.


Her first appearance in episode 1, she was admiring the moon until Aries appeared and told her about Daisy and that a possible Pretty Cure was to come, Selena thought a little and had her call Pisces, when Pisces arrived she sent him to prevent The Pretty Cure to be reborn and Pisces goes to the earth. Aries asked why she did not let her go and Selene said she should not question her order, and left.


Selena means "moon" in Greek. This was the name of a Greek goddess of the moon, sometimes identified with the goddess Artemis.


  • Selena is the first lead to be a child
  • Selena is the fourth female villain
  • Her name means "Moon" or "Goddess of Moon", which makes sense as it is represented by the moon and also by night.

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