Fire Shoot! Final Smash is the attack that Cure Mushroom uses in episode 6. She needs of her GamePact and the Stick/Rod Card to perform this attack.


Momoko put the Rod/Stick Card at her GamePact then her rod appears she press the button and light red lights are lit going upward until reach the mushroom. Momoko say the first part of the incarnation and Say "Pretty Cure" and draw a mushroom then she say "Fire Shoot! Final Smash" and she shoot the mushroom on fire into the Muchitsujo and she say the last part of the incantation. A purification explosion occurs, purifying the Muchitsujo.


Japanese Cure Mushroom: 悔い改め! 闇の力のしもべ
Cure Mushroom:プリキュア
Cure Mushroom:ファイアシュート!ファイナルスマッシュ
Cure Mushroom:オッケー! 最終段階! ゲームはで明らかになり 一...二...三 ...
Cure Mushroom:ゲームクリア!


Cure Mushroom:Kuiaratame! Yami no chikara no shimo be
Cure Mushroom:Purikyua
Cure Mushroom:faia shūto! Fainarusumasshu
Cure Mushroom: Okkē! Saishū dankai! Gēmu wade akiraka ni narimasu ichi...Ni...San...
Cure Mushroom:Gēmukuria!


Cure Mushroom:Repent! Servant of the black power
Cure Mushroom:Pretty Cure
Cure Mushroom:Fire Shoot! Final Smash
Cure Mushroom:Okay! Last phase! The game will be clear in 1...2...3...
Cure Mushroom:Game Clear!


  • This is the second attack after Music Rondo have a count before the Monster be purity.
  • This attack is similar to Music Rondo.
    • Both can be used individual or in group.
    • Both has a count before the monster be purity.
  • The Final Smash not is originally from Go! Gamers Pretty Cure, The Final Smash is a new battle technique that appears to the first time into SSBB, which can be only be used by collecting a Smash Ball. Also, players are able to walk and jump while using some specific shooting items, like the Super Scope.

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