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This page consists of episodes for Floretta Pretty Cure!

Episode # Title Villain Air Date
01 Shine! The legend of creativity!
輝く! 創造性の伝説!
"Kagayaku! Sōzō-sei no densetsu!"
As Hanayama Iris is walking home from school, she meets the flower fairy Phlox who tells Iris that she (Phlox) is searching for the legendary emotions Pretty Cure! Suddenly, a man called Noir suddenly appears! What will Iris and Phlox do?!
02 Best Friend! Identity Revelation!
親友! アイデンティティの啓示!
"Shin'yū! Aidentiti no keiji!"
After Alani is saved from a Heartless by Cure Romatin, she starts wondering who Romatin is and why she saved her (Alani). The next day, Alani brings up Romatin to Iris at breaktime causing Iris to struggle to keep her mouth shut. But what will Iris do once Noir appears and summons a Heartless!?
03 Dream! I want to become a Pretty Cure!
夢! 私は、プリキュアになりたいです!
"Yume! Watashi wa, purikyua ni naritaidesu!"
Worrying about Iris after all the fights she has witnessed, Alani decides that she wants to become a Pretty Cure! But how will she without a Floretta Pen?
04 Miracle! The star of fascination!
奇跡! 魅力のスター!
"Kiseki! Miryoku no sutā!"
When Blanko attacks and Cure Romatin has a sprained ankle, Alani decides to stand up for friend! Will Alani finally become a Pretty Cure?!
05 Wish! The wave of trust!
ウィッシュ! 信頼の波!
"U~isshu! Shinrai no nami!"
Iris and Alani are searching for the Pretty Cure of trust, water and wishes only to bump into Aozora Mizu, Tri-Bloom Academy's sports star. Suddenly, twins Rojo ad Cremesi attack and summon a Heartless causing Iris and Alani to transform into Romatin and Aloe! What will Mizu do when the two are almost unconcious!?
06 Fantasy! The flower of kindness!
ファンタジー! 優しさの花!
"Fantajī! Yasashi-sa no hana!"
When Harukaze Sakura witnesses Iris, Alani and Mizu transform and fight a Heartless, Sakura decides to help them but how? But what happens once Giallo appears and Romatin, Aloe and Myrtille need help?
07 Soar! Floretta Pretty Cure!
盛り上がろう! フロレッタプリキュア!
"Moriagarou! Furorettapurikyua!"