Fujiwara Hibiki
Fujiwara Hibiki
TitleCreator of Wonder Pretty Cure!
Birthday DateJuly 12
Eye ColorGreen
Hair ColorBrown
Home PlaceAustralia
Fujiwara Hibiki (藤原ひびき Fujiwara Hibiki?) is the pen name for CureHibiki. She is a Pretty Cure director and writer, who is currently working on a brand new series called, Wonder Pretty Cure!. Besides being a director, she is also a singer and a song writer.


Hibiki is a kind girl who has a passion for singing and writing Japanese songs. She can be rather shy, but that doesn't stop her from trying to befriend others. She can come of rather jealous and mean if her friends are better at singing than her or are paying attention to someone else. She can't help but feel this way and often wished that she didn't.


Fujiwara (藤原?) - Fuji (?) means 'wisteria' while Wara (?) means 'plain'. Together, Fujiwara means 'Wisteria Plain'.

Hibiki (ひびき?) - Hibiki (?) means either 'echo' or 'sound'.

Directed by Fujiwara Hibiki

Season Name Original Run Theme(s) Opening Ending
Wonder Pretty Cure! TBA Space
Secret∞Wonder Pretty Cure! Multicolored Promises

Songs sung by Fujiwara Hibiki

Song Name Length Album
Secret∞Wonder Pretty Cure! TBA Wonder Pretty Cure! OP&ED Single


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