Seikō e no michi! Aidoru tai Ayame
Go! Gamers Pretty Cure episode 12
"The road to success! Ayame vs The Idol!"
Episode Guide
Opening Press Start! Go! Gamers Pretty Cure
Ending Online Game Addicts Sprechchor
Directed by Umito Sora
Written by Umito Sora
Animated by Minazuki Erika
Art design by Minazuki Erika
The road to success! Ayame vs the Idol! is the 13th episode of the series Go! Gamers Pretty Cure

Major Events


""The most famous Idol, Amagawa Hotaru, is come to Odayakana!""
最も有名なアイドル、天川蛍は、 穏やかなに来ています!
Mottomo yūmeina aidoru, Amagawa hotaru wa, Odayakana ni kite imasu!

Amagawa Hotaru is a old Ayame's childhood Friend, but, They both becomes rivals, when Ayame know that her is come to Odayakana, Ayame is very angry, because she knows that Hotaru will make fun of her, even because, Hotaru is more beautiful, smart and more popular than Ayame. Hotaru when see Ayame, start to gloated, Eri say to Ayame that she has a lot of rivals, Ki did not expect a famous Idol was Ayame's rival, Ki said Ayame must be considered lucky, Ayame say to they shut up and go away. Momoko follow her friend and ask if she was okay, Ayame say yes and they start to talk. Later, in Hotaru's show, Hotaru only to be turned into a Muchitsujo by Pussy. Now Ayame need help they to save the girl. But will she do it?






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