Atarashī tenkōsei! Akarui seiun wa rabendā kara suru koto ga dekimasu ka?!
Go! Gamers Pretty Cure episode 16
"The new transfer student! Akarui Seiun can be from Lavender ?!"
Episode Guide
Opening Press Start! Go! Gamers Pretty Cure
Ending Online Game Addicts Sprechchor
Directed by Umito Sora
Written by Umito Sora
Animated by Minazuki Erika
Art design by Minazuki Erika
Atarashī tenkōsei! Akarui seiun wa rabendā kara suru koto ga dekimasu ka?! (新しい転校生!明るい星雲はラベンダーからすることができますか?! The new transfer student! Akarui Seiun can be from Lavender ?!) is the 16th episode of the series Go! Gamers Pretty Cure and also is the 649th episode of the pretty cure franchise.

Major Events

  • Sombre reborn.
  • Minor human form is seen to the first time.
  • Cure Fight performs Rainbow Tornado to the first time.
  • Minor probably die.
  • A new transformation sequence is seen.
  • A Ayame's perform her first sub attack, Frozen Blizzard


The episode begins with Momoko looking out the window, the teacher announces that it has a new student in the room, everyone (including Momoko) paid much attention and when the new student entered the room, all the girls began to look at him. The new student was introduced as "Akarui Seiun" the teacher says to Akarui take a seat, Akarui asks Rina-sensei where he could sit, most of the girls told him to sit beside them while Momoko was very flushed and timidly raised her hand and Akarui chose to sit with Momoko, all the girls looked Momoko with eyes on fire while Akarui smiled at her.

At lunchtime, Momoko would eat her lunch until Akarui asked if he could sit with her, Momoko choked on the food and Akarui asked if she was okay, Momoko said yes and it just got a little scared, Eri, Ayame Ki, Osana and Tsuna greeted Momoko, Akarui asked if they were her friends and Momoko said yes, Tsuna asked who is the boy and Eri nudged Tsuna asking if he was jealous, Ki said that he knew that Tsuna was cement and Tsuna said it was not cement, Osana and Ayame were introduced to Akarui that was introduced then. Ki think that Akarui very beautiful and grabbed his arm, after a while Ki released his arm, Ki came close to Ayame and Eri and said that he looked a bit like Minor. Eri gave the idea for them to go get something to eat after school and all agreed, Eri invited Akarui to come and he said he did not want to meddle in the affairs of them, all insisted (with the exception of Tsuna) to him go together, and Akarui give up, all (except for Tsuna) celebrated. And they went to lunch and when the class was over they went to the mall.

At the mall, Eri asked what they could eat, Osana remembered that opened a new ice cream at the mall today, Ki said he had seen the shop and there you could make your own ice cream. Ayame and Momoko was told it was there even if they would, Ayame smiled and said he also wanted to know how was to make ice cream, and the girls were in front, Akarui and Tsuna were alone and Tsuna asked Akarui what he wanted with Momoko, akarui said he did not know what he was talking about and Tsuna replied that he realized that akarui was looking at her all the time, akarui said Momoko had a special thing he wanted to destroy and Tsuna was very concerned. Momoko asked if they did not go for ice cream and also Akarui said was already there, Tsuna wondered what Momoko was so special before going after them.

after the girls have done their ice cream, Ki complained that her ice cream was not as she imagined, and Ayame say that making ice cream is easier than she imagined that looked at Ayame and said it was easy to talk. Eri asked Momoko which ers her ice cream and Momoko replied that it was the mushroom Mario, Ki wondered if it was not possible that only she could not make ice cream. They sat down and began to talk. Osana asked if they had heard the Gamers Pretty Cure, Eri said yes and said Cure Fight is the best, Osana said Cure Fight very strong ers but was also very air head like to Eri, Eri told Osana withdraw she said about Cure Fight be air head, and Ayame told Eri calm, Osana said the Cure Sonica was the prettiest of the group and Ayame blushed and then said she agreed, Akarui said his favorite was Cure Mushroom, Momoko celebrated and everyone looked strange to her, Momoko say that it was because she also loved the Cure Mushroom, Ayame just shook her head and they came to eat the ice cream.

Meanwhile, in Odayakana streets, Pussy (as a human) was complaining that the secret plan Minor was not making any progress, Pussy saw Minor (as Akarui) was going there, he was with Momoko, Eri, Ayame Ki, Osana and Tsuna. Pussy said he was not commanded to be chatting with friends and then realized he was with Momoko, pussy was shocked and said that he could not be planning to revive Sombre, it turned into a fairy and went to where Minor was jumping on it. Pussy whispered in Minor ear, asking if he would revive Sombre, Akarui (Minor) answered yes and wanted first to use Cure Mushroom for it but now prefers to use another pussy said it can not be that he's fallen in love with Cure Mushroom leaving Minor in shock after Pussy said it will help Minor and turned Momoko in a Muhitsujo.

The area was darker than it was before, people were in despair and with their energy being sucked into a dark light, and the sky was cloudy. Ayame, Ki and Eri wondered what was going on and Ia and Luma appeared. Luma said Sombre was about to revive and would happen the same thing happened to Dream Land a year ago, Osana found very strange Luma speak and Luma said it was the Nagare Amano, Osana asked if it's Ayame birthday girl was the Dream City and Luma said it was Dream Land, Ia hid behind Eri that hugged her and said he will be fine. Ayame said that no matter what happens, it was not for them to enter into despair, Tsuna and Osana nodded and began to think of happy things. Tsuna asked what they will do they became Pretty Cures. Osana and Tsuna did not believe what he saw and asked if this was a dream. Cure Thunder answered the question of Osana and then told them to take care of Ia and Luma.

The shadow of Sombre was huge and even if it were a shadow, was still very powerful. They tried to hit Sombre but Pussy went ahead and created a maze. Cure Fight was walking all around not knowing what to do until she found Pussy, who said to face Sombre, needed to go through her first and hit her. Cure Sonica was using her speed to chase a way out, but she found Noir. Sonica asked if he was not in Dream Land and he said Sombre called him there and attacked her, throwing her against the wall. Noir looked at her and said it was very boring, but they had to fight. Cure Thunder was launching thunders everywhere looking for Minor that appeared behind her, Minor said she has not changed and called her by the full name, Thunder tried to hit him again but he teleported behind her, he held her shoulders and said that she would not hit him with the weak little rays, Cure Thunder made a huge thunder fall from the sky in them two but Minor was smart and teleported, he said it was already too predictable.

The scene changes to Osana wondering what was going on and Muchitsujo that the origin was Momoko, attacked them. Luma created a protective shield to protect them, Tsuna asked what was happening and Luma said it was the end of the world, Ia started crying and Luma said it was not for her to worry because the Pretty Cures would take care of everything, and I loved it felt a little better, Luma protection was cracked when Muchitsujo tried to attack them with several punches, Ia helped Luma strengthening protection, Ia said she could not be protected and would hold Sombre as it should have done a long time behind. She left the protection and while the Muchitsujo tried to attack her, she just avoided the blows until he decided to attack the Muchitsujo once she punched so hard in Muchitsujo that it was thrown away from her, and she returned to follow her course.

Cure Fight was in a tough battle against Pussy, Pussy wondered if she would ever give up so easily, Cure Fight stood up and said she never gave up and returned to the battle, Pussy used spells to attack Fight as she wore normal attacks. Fight said it was not fair and that she was not playing fair, Pussy said only weaklings play fair and shot another spell it, Fight tried to attack Pussy but she managed to defend, Fight tried to hit her with a punch but Pussy defended it also. Fight jumped away from her and Pussy just smiled at her. Sonica and Noir were running, Sonica looked Noir that looked smiling at her. Noir recalled that Cure Sonica can't swim and said it was ironic since, because she has water powers and created a number of rivers and lakes, Sonica ran away from the water but always managed to reach there, until it was swallowed by water entering in a sort of "aquatic phase." Ayame realized that she was slow in the water and claimed that every game has a flat water phase and started running. Cure Thunder was trying to shoot thunder in Minor but he always wore teleportation. Thunder complained saying he looks damn Abra, teleporting when shoot one Pokeball him and she began to take even more thunder.

Fight asked where was the Black Cartridge and Pussy replied that to have it, she had to give Ia, Fight replied that no chance and Pussy threw a spell on her and said she perhaps Pussy snapped his fingers and created several Muchitsujos. Sonica was running out of air until she found a platform above the water, she tried to swim there and surprisingly managed to reach the platform. She climbed on the platform and look around to see if had more of these. Ayame saw five more platforms leading to another area of ​​the stage, when she was jump to the second platform one Muchitsujos appeared and she rolled her eyes and said that of course it would not be easy, the Muchitsujo tried to tamp there more Sonica jumped and then kicked the Muchitsujo. Thunder finally stopped with thunder, Minor said she finally stopped with the folly of trying to hit it and Thunder said he will not let him win, Minor asked how she would do this and she could not even save their own country, Thunder was in shock and said it was not the same and now she was stronger and would be able to end with thousand Muchitsujos, Minor said talking and easy and created thousand Muchitsujos, Minor said he now wanted to see if do was as easy as talking, Thunder was in attack position and told him to just wait.

Fight was fighting until she got tired of it and perform the White Punch! Final Smash. Pussy said she could be the strongest of Go! Gamers, but it was not the fastest, Pussy teleported pars behind Fight and attacked her with a kick to throwing against the wall and Pussy do stones falling on it. Pussy laughed and then began to smile, but the smile has short-lived because Cure Fight lifted the huge stone and threw away as she took the dust of her hands, she thanked Pussy by great exercise and said that now the fight could get real. Pussy fight called her stupid and went to fight against Cure Fight. Pussy threw spells in Fight but Fight averted, Fight said pussy was good but no better than her, Fight took several kicks and Punches in pussy and said it was because she had transformed Momoko in a Muchitsujo, pussy asked why they were so fond of the idiot Momoko, Fight replied that it is because she is kind and has a big heart, never give up of her friends and give us value. Pussy said this is just a bunch of nonsense and that no one really needed friends, Pussy held Fight's leg and threw it away from her, Fight tell Pussy take it back about her friends or she would pay for it. The Cure Fight's Rainbow Form has been activated.

Sonica was fighting against the Muchitsujo who tried to tamp it but Ayame looked, she perform the Blue Sonical Wave making the Muchitsujo deaf. She perform the Blue Sonica Wave! Final Smash and purified the Muchitsujo, she then went to the next stage that there was in Noir. Cure Sonica said to Noir deliver the Black Cartridge for it and he just threw it, Ayame thanked him and then asked what was in the cartridge, Noir said had no trap and he just did not want to fight, Sonica smiled and Noir also smiled but was an evil smile and not a gentle smile, Ayame surprised and a water monster appeared behind her, Sonica sighed and said that of course it would not be easy and started fighting. Sonica punched the monster but her hand just went through it, Sonica wondered how she would win it and then jumped to deflect the attack, Noir said that if she was so smart why it was taking so long to win. Sonica realized that the monster is water she needed just freezes it, Sonica released and ice crystals in the monster but ice and crystal through him, Ayame said it of course that she should freeze the place for the monster freeze and then hit herself . She used the Spade Sword to throw ice on the walls in order to turn into a glacial area, she would fall into a pool of water but used the Spade Sword to freeze the water, she said on the ice she was fast and started to skating, as freeze the place as she skated, the ice cracked a bit then she realized that the ice was still a little soft, she jumped and threw ice on the walls, the monster threw water on her and she was hit and fell, as ice was still a little soft and could not take her weight, she go under. She remembered when Momoko saved nearly drowning, Ayame said she would not let it end this way, and she would return for all that Momoko has done for her. The Ayame's Rainbow Form is activated.

Thunder ended all Muchitsujos and told Minor that now she can save Dream Land eyes closed. Minor admitted that she was stronger and then asked if she had strength enough to defeat him, Thunder Minor and began to fight against each other. Thunder told Minor quit because he had no chance, Minor said he knew her well enough to know that she would lose, Thunder said it was easy to say that she would lose and looked a Minor attack before saying he wanted to see now he would make her lose. The character song Ki, Yellow Thunder began playing as she struggled, Minor asked her why she wanted so much to save a lot of useless people and that most of it does not know, Thunder said that is because as Dream Land Princess and Pretty Cure was responsible for all people even though she does not know, Minor created a sword and drew the Thunder Heart Arrow. Thunder said he will make a way in Minor and would restore peace to Dream Land and would get the precious her friend back. Thunder Minor and begin a more serious fight. Thunder tried fired arrows at Minor diverting with ease, Thunder said that was just the beginning and then shot three arrows at once in Minor, one of the arrows hit the Minor shoulder, Thunder said he did not feel bad about it and shot another arrow in his chest, Minor fell to his knees and said she won this battle. She took the black card and said that this was what had the desperation of Momoko.

Rainbow Fight was fighting Pussy, Fight said he would not forgive her until she remove that said, Pussy said then she would never forgive her and lose the chance to make a new friend because that's what she likes, Fight said said that is not how friendship works and Pussy asked how friendship works, Fight said that real friendship is to support your friends, cherish them, not abandon them like to Momo-chan does, Pussy said Momoko was worst of the group because she always comes up with this crap about friends and that must be because she is so weak, Fight said Momoko was not weak, just do not fight right. Pussy said it was all the same and start to fight serious, Fight said the dreams and hopes of the people are not lost because they are here to protect people's dreams, Pussy asked if she does not want to say those mere illusions that do not help at all in their life, Rainbow Fight said he did not want to hear the crap Pussy and perform the Rainbow Tornado, the attack was so great that made Pussy almost be purified more she escaped back to Lavender. Cure Sonica out of the water and froze the entire area at once, Noir wondered what happened to her in the water, Ayame said he would win this battle with ease and froze much the site and perform the Frozen Blizzard for the first time, making the monster freeze and explode in the air, Noir said that the card he gave her was fake so he did not lose anything and leaves.

They all meet again, Sonica says they will save everyone now that they are together again, Fight asks if anyone is with the cartridge of Momoko and Thunder demonstrates the cartridge to Fight, Fight smiles and says they will finally have the Momoko back, all agree and Fight releases the Momoko's despair.






  • Ki's character song, Yellow Thunder, plays in this episode.
  • Ki is the only to not win the villan with the Rainbow Form
  • This episode has duration time extended.

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