The GameIcon (ゲームアイコン GēmuAikon) are icons that reside in the GamePact. The Icons has a lot of differents uses, to change the clothes, Perform Attacks or form change.


The GameIcon is a Icon that reside in the GamePact. Obviously is a Icon with the Image correspond with the special ability, example; The Gold Icon has gold as main colour and has the figure of a crow, while the Icon that is compatible with the Idol Card has cyan and pink as theme colour with the figure of a pink hanger.

Known Icons

Dress Icon-The Fashion Icon. It allows the cures to create differents clothes, and turns it into new Cards. The known dresses are the Cute Mushroom Dress, White Diamond Dress, Bright Crystal Dress and Lightning Style Dress.

Gold Icon-Cure Thunder's main Icon, it allows her to transform into pretty cure and change to the Rainbow Form and perform the attack Hope Rainbow.


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