Here is a list of Go! Gamers Pretty Cure! DVD and Blu-ray releases.


Volume 1

General Information

Release Date:April 15, 2019
Price: ¥4, 107


01: Give to you a life! Puri Ky Nani!? Watashi wa Cure Mushroom!
02: Give to you a life! What Eri and Ayame Also are Pretty Cures!? Cure Fight and Sonica birth
03:Finally All together! Cure Thunder is revealed!

Special Clips

Opening without credits
Ending without credits
Cure Mushroom's dance lesson
2 Special Transformations
DVD and Blu-ray promotion CM

Volume 2

General Information

Release Date:August 19, 2019
Price: ¥4,104
Episodes 04:Delicious!! Ayame's desserts contest !
05:Sing La♪ la♪ la♪ ! Ki's Sing competition!

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