Hanazawa Kana
花澤 香菜
Hanazawa Kawa
Personal Info
Hair ColorBrown
Eye ColorBrown
Pretty Cure Info

Hanazawa Kana (花澤 香菜 Hanazawa Kana) is the voice actress of Morikaze Akiko in Heartful Song Pretty Cure  and is represented by Office Osawa Talent Agency. She was born on February 25, 1989


Notable Role

  • Akame ga Kill! as Seryu Ubiquitous
  • Angel Beats! as Angel / Kanade Tachibana
  • Black Rock Shooter as Black Rock Shooter, Mato Kuroi, Insane Black Rock Shooter
  • Blue Exorcist as Shiemi Moriyama
  • Campione! as Yuri Mariya
  • Heartful Song Pretty Cure as Morikaze Akiko
  • Higurashi When They Cry as Tomomi
  • Monogatari as Nadeko Sengoku
  • Parasyte -the maxim- as Satomi Murano
  • Psyco-Pass as Akane Tsunemori
  • The Idolmaster as Eri Mizutani
  • The Irregular at Magic High School as Mayumi Saegusa
  • The World God Only Knows as Shiori Shiomiya
  • Tokyo Ghoul as Rize Kamishiro
  • Yuki Yuna is a Hero as Sonoko Nogi

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