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Happy Magic (ハッピーマジック Happī Majikku) is one of the five brands that appear in Idol Star Pretty Cure♪. It is Amaterasu Kiyomi's preferred brand and is designed by Murakami Nagisa.


"Happy Magic" is a brand made for idols who are unique and free, and it has an energetic feel to it. It makes the wearer feel like every day is a fun day.

Brand Concept

Created for the Beat of Happiness, Cure Operetta, this brand is colourful and unique, which features rainbow clothing. Wearing this brand's dresses will give everyone an overall fun time.

Known Users

Top Designer

The Top Designer is Murakami Nagisa, who first appears in Episode 18. She is a student at Yumesaki Academy and a very good dancer. She is energetic and lively, and loves to have fun. Ever since she revealed herself as the Top Designer of Happy Magic, she and Kiyomi have become even better friends.


First Appearance

This brand is first introduced in Episode 3, when Cure Operetta purified a Namida for the first time. Soon, a glow appears at the student's chest, which materialised into Star Cards. Cadence explained that these Star Cards were from the brand Happy Magic, and it was the Rainbow Sparkle Dress.

The Top Designer Reveals Herself

In Episode 18, Murakami Nagisa and Kagamine Moira are invited by the Cures and Mizuno Asami to go on off-time with them, and the girls all spend a fun time at the water park. Later, after the monster of the day is purified, Nagisa reveals herself as Happy Magic’s Top Designer, and gives Kiyomi the Tropical Hawaiian Dress.

Known Dresses

  • Cure Operetta Dress
  • Rainbow Sparkle Dress
  • Funny Clown Dress
  • Funky Dream Dress
  • Girly Pop Dress
  • Shiny Smile Dress
  • Tropical Hawaiian Dress