The Heart Make-up Package (ハートメイクアップパッケージ Hāto meiku appu pakkēji?) is the Cures' main transformation device, used by the Cures in Sweetheart Pretty Cure. It is shaped as a Makeup Palette and allows the cures to transform once they shouts out "Pretty Cure! Make-Up".


The Heart Make-up Package, is shaped like a package, with the Cure's majn theme colour which it belongs. On the outside, has a light purple stone in the shape as a heart/ Crown/Spade, with four gold stars on the sides. Inside is a makeup palette with many different shades of pink, red, blue, purple and Yellow/orange. On the left side has two blush of pink and reddish-pink colour and has a top mirror.


For them activate the transformation, they need to enter their respective Love Jewelry and then shouts out: "Pretty Cure! Makeup"


  • The Heart Make-up Package is the first item to has "Package" on the name.

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