Hibana Ia
Hibana Ia
Go! Gamers Pretty Cure
Hair ColorPink
Eye ColorTurquoise
Home PlaceDream Land (Formerly)

Odayakana (currently)

First AppearanceGGPC10
Japanese Voice ActorMegumi Han
Brazilian Voice ActorDaniela Bianco Piquet
Music ThemeHibana Ia (First appearance song)
Hibana Ia (火花愛 Hibana Ia?) is a fairy that come from the Dream Land, initially, she was a egg but later she became a human-like creature. Ia is cheerful and cute, she likes of play with the peoples. She is very possible and still not is seen cry or feel sadness.


Her first appearance was in Episode 10 as an egg. The girls were wondering what would be born in this egg while Pussy just wanted to break it at once to prevent something to help the Cures and leave them stronger and defeat easier Daikirai. Later in the episode when the egg cracked and Ia finally birth, Ki said he thought it best to take her Odayakana, Ia say goodbye to they and they both returns to Odayakana.


Ia has a pink hair that wavier and curls on the ends, with straight bangs. She wears a light green headband with a pale pink flower on each side of her head. Her outfit consists of pink white dress with two buttons in the middle of the collar, white puffy sleeves and a pale pink frilly trim at the skirt's hem. She has a white belt tied around her waist. She wears brown strapped on shoes with white socks.


Ia is a cheerful and happy girl. She is very polite and very obedient, she likes to help people who are sad or in need of help. Ia is very positive and it is very difficult to be sad or angry. She likes a lot of the rainbow and it made him and her feelings made the Rainbow Cartridge release the power of the Rainbow Form.


Luma-Luma and Ia are great friends.


Ia's voices actor, Han Megumi. Has participated in one image songs.


  • Ia is the third Human-like creature.
  • Ia is the first creature to birth from a egg.

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