The Idol Bracelet (アイドルブレスレット Aidoru Buresuretto) is a bracelet-like device that allows Utau, Hitomi, Kiyomi, Kotone and Moira to transform into Pretty Cure.

To transform, any type of Star Cards must be inserted into the slot of the Idol Bracelet before the girls say "Pretty Cure, Live Start!", and must then turn the rainbow dial.


The Idol Bracelets allow the girls to transform into Pretty Cure, and it also allows them to change into the dresses provided by the Star Cards.


The Idol Bracelet is a large silver bracelet. It has a rainbow dial at the middle, with a bow (with the colour depending on the theme colour of the owner) attached to it. Around the top, it has five jewels that are the colours of pink, blue, yellow, purple and red. The bottom is silver and gold, and has a slot for the Star Cards to be inserted into.



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