Izayoi Shino
Izayoi Shino
Hair ColorPlatinum Blonde
Eye ColorLight Blue
Home PlaceAmamura
First AppearanceKNPC07
Japanese Voice ActorSawashiro Miyuki
Theme ColorWhite
Izayoi Shino (十六夜志野 Izayoi Shino?) is a minor character that appears in Kunoichi Pretty Cure!. She is originally from Amamura and is a member of the Izayoi Clan.


Her first appearance in Episode 7 when they go to the Academy. She was talking with Haruka and Daiko, Hinata goes to talk with Shino, first Hinata introduce herself then Shino, Haruka and Karen introduce themselves, Kitsune say to Arashi "The White-Hood girl, looks like you Arashi".


Shino is a girl who acts in a strange way. She did not talk to anyone who does not know the name and does not like to speak her name to an unknown person to have to call "it". She often avoids eye contact, ducking his head and smiling no reason. When her battle she usually prefers to use Genjutsus, Shurikens and Kunais.


Shino has a long platinum blonde hair, with her bangs split in the middle. Her bangs are extremely long, reaching her hips, and she also has light blue eyes and her forehead protector is use in her arms. She wears a white hood with the black crescent moon, which is the Izayoi Clan symbol, in the back, black pants, and black, knee-high ninja sandals with dirty bandages around her shins.



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