Kagayaku Eiji
Kagayaku Eiji
Idol Star Pretty Cure♪
Personal Info
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorBlue
Home PlaceLa Musique (formerly)
Hoshi Akari (currently)
First AppearanceISPC12
Japonese Voice Actor(s)Tamaru Atsushi
Pretty Cure Info

Kagayaku Eiji (輝く永次 Kagayaku Eiji) is a minor character who appears in Idol Star Pretty Cure♪. He is a famous director and is the Top Designer of Bright Future.


Eiji has floppy black hair and blue eyes, and wears a light blue shirt with the sleeves rolled up, and jeans and a black belt. He also wears glasses, black shoes and a dark blue tie.


Eiji is often regarded as mysterious and calm, often talking about "true actresses". He believes that Umino Hitomi is a true actress, and is very glad he gets to design Hitomi's outfits.


In Episode 12, Eiji asks if Hitomi could play the role of the villain in his new movie A Nightmare At Twilight. Later, after the monster of the day is purified, Eiji reveals himself as Bright Future’s Top Designer, and gives Hitomi the Crystal Princess Dress.


  • Umino Hitomi - Eiji designs Bright Future dresses for Hitomi, because she is a Pretty Cure. After Hitomi puts on a fantastic performance in A Nightmare At Twilight, Eiji is on good terms with the Cures.



Official Profile/Art


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