Royalty Princess Precure
Personal Info
Hair ColorDark Brown
Eye ColorUnknown
Home PlaceTwilight Kingdom
First AppearanceRPPC03
Pretty Cure Info

 Kenki is one of the generals of the Twilight Kingdom. She is the second male general and the fourth one to attack the Cures. She is part of the Zotsu Trio, along with Zotsu and Kyoufu.


First Attack


He has the appearance of a young boy and his face is partially hidden by his long hair and giant hood. He is usually seen sleep.


He personality is of a boy how never wants to do anything he preferred sleep. He favorite thing is sleep because this he is the least attacks Cures.


Like the other commanders, she can trap feeling of the people in the Despair box and create Sakebot.


  • He is based into User:CureLove12.
  • He is the first villan how don't care for spread chaos and despair throughout the world.

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