Koshimizu Ami
Koshimizu Ami
Personal Info
BirthdayFebruary 15, 1986
Hair ColorBrown
Eye ColorBrown
Home PlaceKokubunji, Japan
Pretty Cure Info

Koshimizu Ami' (小清水亜美 Koshimizu Ami?) is the voice actress of Hōjō hibiki in Suite Pretty Cure♪ and voice actress of Asuka Eri in Go! Gamers Pretty Cure and was formally affiliated with Axlone management. She was born on February 15, 1986.


Notable Work

  • Ashita no Nadja as Nadja Applefield
  • Dog Days as Leonmitchelli Galette Des Rois
  • KimiKiss: Pure Rouge as Yumi Hoshino
  • Magician's Academy as Takuto Hasegawa
  • Myself ; Yourself as Nanaka Yatsushiro
  • Omamori Himari as Himari Noihara
  • Sailor Moon Crystal as Sailor Jupiter
  • Saki as Nodoka Haramura
  • School Rumble as Tenma Tsukamoto
  • Spice and Wolf as Holo
  • Suite Pretty Cure♪ as Hibiki Hojo (Cure Melody)
  • Go! Gamers Pretty Cure! as Eri Asuka (Cure Fight)

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