Royalty Princess Pretty Cure
Personal Info
Hair ColorLight Blue
Eye ColorPink
Home PlaceTwilight Kingdom
First AppearanceRPPC05
Pretty Cure Info

 Kyoufu is one of the generals of the Twilight Kingdom. She is the first female general and the fifth one to attack the Cures. She is part of the Zotsu Trio, along with Zotsu and Kenki.


First Attack After Kenki's loses, Mirage sends her to attack the Cures. She summoned a model Sakebot to wreck the town. The Cures arrived and transform Pretty Cure. Kyoufu orders the Sakebot to attack them and Love easily beats them. She taunts Love about how petty friends are and say that in a minute are friends and others are already fighting , but Love was not buying it, so Breeze defended her and allowed her to defeat it with Cure Love lights attack.


She has long light blue hair in Ponytail and pink eyes. She wears a pink dress with some areas lined in black and a gold tiara with a magenta gem on it. She also wears pink platform shoes. She also holds an umbrella.

In her alternative clothes she wears a black dress with some areas lined in white and a black ribbon with a pink rose in the middle in her hair. She also wears black shoes, and white stocking. She continue with her umbrella.


She is a very selfish, spoiled and wealthy lady that desires everything. She is also a mistress of disguise, deceiving the Cures and likes to talk down to others she considers pathetic. She main enemy is Princess Twinkle because she acuses it of stole what is its.


Like the other commanders, she can trap feeling of the people in the Despair box and create Saiarks and she also uses the umbrella as a weapon, shooting laser beams with it. She can also open the umbrella and use it to make it look like she made herself disappear when teleporting.


  • Her name means 'Fear' in Japanese.
  • Her voice actress also voices Kiryuu Kaoru,Foop and Hosshiwa.
  • She is the first female villain who wears a tiara.
  • She is the third villain with pink as a theme color, after Falsetto and Hosshiwa.
  • She is the fourth villain who used a disguise to deceive the Cures, after Ms. Shitataare,Kawarino and Hosshiwa.
  • Her Sakebot are the only to create an environment covered in desserts and sweet foods.
  • She is also the shortest villain, after Shibiretta and Majorina.
  • She is the first Villan to change his clothes.
  • She is the first Villan to fell in love with a minor character.
    • She is the sixth Villan to fell in love.
  • She main enemy is Princess Twinkle.

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