Lavender (ラベンダー Rabendā?) or Lavanda is the evil organization of the main antagonists of Go! Gamers Pretty Cure. The leader is Daikirai. Their goal is to spread chaos and disorder throughout the world.


Many years ago, they attacked Dream Land with Queen Anne and the Pretty Cures defending their home. Queen Anne asked Luma to search for the Pretty Cure so they can fight against Daikirai and his minions.


The Lavender is big castle. The castle has black walls, dark red windows and also always with a fog around, thus making it hard to see. The inside has mainly the colors dark purple and black. In the hallway, have a huge throne of black color, very large windows with deep red tones in the hallway. Pussy also has her own room, just for her which is mainly purple with the floor in a dark shade of purple. The bed is queen size and has red curtains, a book shelf with several different books. Near the bed, a small bookcase with a lamp skull-shaped with glowing red eyes. A purple shag rug made especially for her lie down and be well accommodated. Another room that Pussy use to spells and potions. The room is small and is also black, a cauldron in the middle and also have shelves with potions and glass jars with butterflies, earthworms and many different types of insects.



Pussy (Second in command)

Game Over Trio

Minor (gets purified)
Sombre (Resting)
Noir (usually in Dream Land)
Virgo & Libra (recently added commanders)




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