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Lovely Blossom (ラブリーブロッサム Raburī Burossamu) is one of the five brands that appear in Idol Star Pretty Cure♪. It is Kagamine Moira's preferred brand.


"Lovely Blossom" is a brand made for idols who are beautiful and mature, and it gives the wearer a graceful, elegantly mature feel. It makes the wearer feel sexy and gorgeous.

Brand Concept

Created for the Ballad of Kindness, Cure Rhapsody, this brand features sexy and elegant clothing that makes girls feel like they are a butterfly... fluttering in the sky and grabbing the audience. This brand's designs are burning with passion which allows you to fly free.

Known Users

Top Designer


First Appearance

This brand is first introduced in Episode 22, when Cure Rhapsody purified the powered-up Namida. Soon, a glow appears at the young boy's chest, which materialised into Star Cards. Cure Rhapsody explained that these cards were from the brand Lovely Blossom, and it was the Scarlet Butterfly Dress.

Known Dresses

  • Cure Rhapsody Dress
  • Scarlet Butterfly Dress
  • Sexy Model Dress
  • Lady Ruby Dress
  • Passionate Star Dress
  • Perfect Celebration Dress


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