Luka Airahi
Ruka Airashi
Royalty Princess Precure
Personal Info
Hair ColorPink
Eye ColorTurquoise
FamilyYumi Airashi]
Home PlaceYumenotoshi
First AppearanceRPPC06 (Flashback)

RPPC14 (Main Appearance)

Voice Actor(s)Yuu Asakawa
 Luka Airashi is a minor character who appears in Royalty Princess Precure. She is the old sister of Yumi Airashi and her dream is to be a perfect old sister for Yumi.


Luka has a very long pink hair that is seen down lying over her shoulde. Her eyes are turquoise. In her hair has a black and gold tiara. She wears a white shirt with short sleeves. Her shirt is tucked into a Saddle brown skirt,at her waist has a brown belt and she wears matching shoes with pink bows on top.


Luka is very responsible and always is taking care of her young sister. She is very gently and always cares for all. In episode 14 luka was saving for Cure Love and later discover that Yumi was the one who saved her.


Became a Sakebot

In episode 14 Kyoufu pick the Luka and Tei felling about his young brothers (Sister in the Luka case) what make Yumi and Tai very angry. The Sakebots are purified with the Blue Moon Hamming and the Cure Love lighting attack.


Yumi Airashi-Luka is the older sister Yumi. She first appears in episode 06 in a flash back and personally in episode 14.

Tei Matsuda-In episode 14 is the family day at Princess Academy,Tei meet Luka and they become friends.


  • Luka is the first minor character to be the old sister of the lead cure.

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