Midoribana Kiseki

Midoribana Kiseki

Midoribana Kiseki
Personal Info
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Green
RelativesMidoribana Kokoro (mother)
Midoribana Kazuki (father)
SeiyuuNakada Asumi
Pretty Cure Info
NameCure Kiwi
Weapon(s)Kiwi Ribbon
Hair Color Mantis Green
Eye Color Lime

Midoribana Kiseki (緑花奇跡 Midoribana Kiseki?) is an OC created for the sixth Pretty Cure, Fresh Pretty Cure!. Kiseki is rather shy and an aspiring biologist.

Kiseki's Pretty Cure alter is Cure Kiwi (キウイ治します Kyuakiui?), the green star of miracles whose theme colour is green.

Her catchphrase is Every Star has their own Shine!" (ごとに星が独自のたシャインを持ち Goto ni hoshi ga dokuji nota shain o mochi?).



As a civilian, Kiseki has long brown hair tied up into a ponytail and green eyes.

Her winter attire consists of a dark pastel green sweater with a florescent green star on it, green skirt and white ankle length leggings underneath. Her trainers are green with white laces.

Cure Kiwi


Kiseki is rather shy and an aspiring biologist. She is very smart and very kind, generous and is full of justice. She is also very helpful as she helps students in her class with schoolwork and homework.


Midoribana Kokoro - Kokoro inspires Kiseki lots in reaching her dream of becoming a biologist, encouraging Kiseki to do her best every where she goes. However, Kokoro went missing last year leaving Kiseki determined to find her.

Midoribana Kazuki - Like Kokoro, he inspires Kiseki alot and encourages her lots. He is upset by Kokoro's disappearance and hopes that she comes back one day as Kiseki misses her a lot.

Cure Kiwi

"The green star is the symbol of miracles! Freshly Shining, Cure Kiwi!"
Midori no hoshi wa kiseki no shōchōdesu! Furesshushainingu, kiuikyua!

Cure Kiwi (キウイ治します Kyuakiui?) is Kiseki's alter ego whose green star is the symbol of miracles. Her symbol is also the star, while her theme color is green. To transform, Kiseki needs her LinkCom (short for Link Commune) and Mirarun and needs to say "Pretty Cure KiraKira Beat Up!". Kiseki's first transformation happened when she was protecting her father from a Nakewameke saying that she'll never give up no matter what, which then activated Mirakun's powers.


  • Miracle Dreaming (ミラクルドリーミング Mirakurudorīmingu?) is Cure Kiwi's main purification attack.
  • Miracle Dreaming Shine (ミラクルドリーミングシャイン Mirakurudorīmingushain?) is Cure Kiwi's upgraded attack after gaining the Kiwi Ribbon.


Pretty Cure KiraKira Beat Up! - Pretty Cure KiraKira Beat Up! is the transformation phrase used by Kiseki to transform into Cure Kiwi.



Midoribana (緑花?) translates to "Green Flower"

Kiseki (奇跡?) translates to "Miracle"

Therefore, her name means "Green Flower Miracle". This is possibly a pun to Cure Kiwi's theme colour of green and power of miracles.



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