Royalty Princess Precure
Personal Info
Hair ColorWhite
Eye ColorRed
FamilyNikushimi (Daughter)

Despear (Young Sister)

Home PlaceTwilight Kingdom
First AppearanceRPPC05
Japonese Voice Actor(s)Sakakibara Yoshiko
Pretty Cure Info

 Mirage is the main antagonist and leader of Twilight Kingdom. She and her commanders have taken over Heaven Kingdom.


Before Royalty Princess Pretty Cure

In ancient times, she was known as Darkness. The previous Princess Pretty Cure defeated her and sealed her away. They knew she would return but even stronger and that is why the legendary warriors decided to create more a two Crystal Perfume.


She has the appearance of a young woman who has a pale skin,white hair and red eyes. At the her hair has a black frilled headband that has a bow on each side of the head, where big purple gems sit. She wears a long black dress and wears black high heels. His accessories consist in a black collar and black gloves.


She is very ruthless and cunning and wants to spread chaos and despair around the world. She dislikes hopes and dreams. She is also very manipulative.


Nikushimi-Nakushimi is his daughter.

Despear-Despear is her young sister.


  • She is the fourth female main villain, preceded by Desperaia,Queen Mirage and Dyspear and be successful by Ellen.

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