Miss Lessons
Royalty Princess Precure
Personal Info
Eye ColorBlue
Home PlaceHeaven Kingdom
First AppearanceRPPC04
Alter EgoMiss Grandamour
 Miss Lessons is a fairy found within the Princess Pad. She is a Siamese cat who can also take human form.


As a mascot, she resembles a Siamese cat with white fur and ears that resemble dark purple hair. She has blue eyes and a red ribbon around her neck and carries a stick with a cat's paw on top.

As a human, she resembles a tall woman wearing a purple and white jumpsuit with a red bow in the front and black boots. Her face retains some of the features of her mascot form and her hair becomes darker. She also keeps her tail.


As the Princess Cure's teacher, Miss Lessons is very serious and somewhat stern but patient. She wants to train them to be true princesses and find the one that will be the Royal princess. She also sometimes says English words in place of some Japanese words. When she appears from the lesson pad, she says "Hello, everyone" and to begin a lesson, she says "Lesson Start."


Princess Pretty Cure-She seems to have a student-teacher relationship with the girls on her first appearance and is not very friendly. However like most teachers, she seems to be very patient and understands that some things may take a lot of work.



She seems to have the ability to call out materials for the princess lessons out of thin air. She can also change into a human, which she first does in episode 6.

Also, she is incredibly skilled at every lesson that the Princess Pretty Cures are asking her to teach them. These skills are said to be necessary to become Royal Princesses. Some of the lessons included arranging a tea party, dress-making, learning the violin and applying makeup.