Moonlight Power! Make-Up (ムーンライトパワー!メイクアップ Mūnraitopawā! Meikuappu) is the official transformation phase used by Cure Luna in Sweetheart Pretty Cure. In orden she needs of her Moonlight Crystal.


Luna to Cure Luna

Luna brooch open up as, she says Moonlight Power she rise her arm and her fingernails turns into dark blue, the cresent moon symbol appears on her forehead, she says Make-Up! and the transformation beings. Luna body is see as a black silhouette, she is front a moon who is glittering in the night sky, she strikes an arabesque pose and beings to dance ballet and freeze into a pose. Egrets cover Luna's body and her dress appears, she returns to motion, she lands on ground and her bows appears while she twils around doing Fouetté moves, more egrets cover her feets and hands to her gloves and boots appears. She strike a pose before introduce herself.


CT-30 Luna-P:Moonlight Power!
CT-30 Luna-P:Make Up
CT-30 Luna-P:Hope growing in my heart, blue heart, Cure Luna


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