Muchitsujos are the main monsters of Go! Gamers Pretty Cure. They are born when a people are Sad or desperate. To summon a Muchitsujo, a Lavender commander shouts out "Game Start, Muchitsujo!" and the area is darkens and is covered by a huge amount of negative energy.


Although each Negatone is unique in design, they possess some similarities in their appearance. Most are distorted versions of the possessed object, surrounded by a black skeleton. They possess a marking similar to what Pussy have on her forehead, except that it is inverted. They have yellow, sharp looking eyes.

Abilities and Powers

Each Muchitsujo's abilities and powers depends on their possessed object, but all are able to emit special sound waves that plunge people into sorrow. People in sorrow give out sad energy, which is essential for the revival of the ultimate villain Noise.

When a Muchitsujo is defeated, the Cures purify the negative energy inside the black cartridge. The purified cartridge turns into a dress cartridge.

List of Muchitsujos

Image Possessing Summoned by Defeated with
GGPC01 TBA Bunny Doll Pussy Fire Shoot
GGPC02 TBA Tree Pussy Crescent Harmony
GGPC03 TBA Heart Possibly Pussy Heart Thunder! Final Smash
GGPC04 TBA Cake Pussy Heart Thunder! Final Smash


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