Murakami Nagisa
Murakami Nagisa
Idol Star Pretty Cure♪
Personal Info
Hair ColorBlonde
Eye ColorGolden
Home PlaceLa Musique (formerly)
Hoshi Akari (currently)
First AppearanceISPC18
Japonese Voice Actor(s)Tomita Miyu
Pretty Cure Info

Murakami Nagisa (村神なぎさ Murakami Nagisa) is a minor character who appears in Idol Star Pretty Cure♪. She is the roommate of Amaterasu Kiyomi and is the Top Designer of Happy Magic.


Nagisa has long blonde hair tied into a side ponytail and golden eyes. She is mostly seen wearing the Yumesaki Academy school uniform. When out in public, she wears a white shirt with a yellow jacket over the top, and dark blue short-shorts. She also wears white sneakers.


Nagisa is a super-talented dancer, and, like Kiyomi, she is known as a "legendary dancer". Nagisa is also energetic and lively, and loves to have fun. She is hardly ever seen without a smile on her face, and loves designing dresses for Kiyomi to wear.


In Episode 18, Nagisa and Kagamine Moira are invited by the Cures and Mizuno Asami to go on off-time with them, and the girls all spend a fun time at the water park. Later, after the monster of the day is purified, Nagisa reveals herself as Happy Magic’s Top Designer, and gives Kiyomi the Tropical Hawaiian Dress.


  • Amaterasu Kiyomi - The two girls are roommates, and are also good friends. Nagisa also designs Happy Magic dresses for Kiyomi. After revealing herself as the brand's Top Designer, Kiyomi and Nagisa have become even better friends.



Official Profile/Art


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