Odayakana Primary Middle School (穏やかなプライマリ中学校 Odayakana Puraimari Chūgakkō) is the school that the characters in Go! Gamers Pretty Cure attend.


From the episodes shown so far, the school houses normal classrooms, laboratories, art studios, and the more important room,the Video Games Club where the Cures gather. The rooftop is accessible to the students who wish to spend spare time there, as when Ayame training for the music concert. Outside, there is a large soccer field with a running track around it, and volleyball courts and bleachers as well. There are also pavilions around the school where the students can go to have their bento lunches.


The school has a lot of clubs, exemples are The fashion club, the art club, the cooking club, Light Music Club and the more important club, the "Video Games Club". the club must have at least 10 members,if otherwise the club will be closed. The video games club is a personal club made specially for Ayame because this, the video game club not will be closed.


Female Uniform Winter Uniform The winter school uniform for girls is made up of a white long-sleeved shirt with lilac and white polka dots cuffs with two small white buttons. The sailor collar is lilac with a blue ribbon attached to it. It has a yellow badge with a green trim on the left side of the shirt with five white buttons going down the middle. The skirt is pleated and lilac whilst the socks are dark purple and the shoes are maroon coloured.

Summer Uniforms The summer uniform resembles the winter one but with shorter sleeves.

Male Uniform Winter Uniform In the winter, the boys' uniforms consist of dark red blazer-like jackets that buttons in the front with a white collar on it and a dark blue stripe. They have light blue undershirts and black neckties. They also wear gray slacks and black shoes.

Notable Students

Notable Staff

  • Two unnamed teachers
  • Ki and Umeko teacher


Odayakana:Odayakana (穏やかな) means peaceful.


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