Ouji is the prince of Health Kingdom and the older brother of Diamond.


Ouji have much intelligence and communication power, points to a need to talk, though not always say everything that comes to mind (other than his sister). Follow always moved by reason, and is angry when denied or contradicted. Always think too much, and this interferes with the concentration of what is doing.


Princess Diamond-Diamond is the younger sister of Diamond.

Seiji Riki-In episode 15 Ouji asked for help Riki to help he make friends.


Diaerald Attack-attack diamond and Emerald together.


Hoseki: Hoseki (舗石) means precious stone.

Ouji: Ouji means Prince.

Then your name means prince gemstone.


Ouji's voice actresses Yoshigutsu Matsuoka ,have participated in several image songs for the character they play. They have also participated in several duets and group songs with Nao Toyama how voices Hoseki Diana


The melody of the two lovers ~♡♥~ (Along with Nao Toyama)

Aways with you (Along with Nao Toyama)


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