The Princess Scepter (プリンセスセプター Purinsesu seputā) are devices in Royalty Princess Pretty Cure that are used by the Cures to perform their attack Princess Embrace, Princess Expansion as well as the Cure Love, Breeze,Garnet, and SkyBlue's upgraded attacks. The Princess Scepter were given to the Cures by Queen Royal during their battle with Despear. They can be used with Princess Decoration Keys to perform attacks.

Main uses

The keys can unlock the Crystal Perfumes to enable transforming into Pretty Cure, as well as changing into Party Mode in order to purify the enemies. The Lovely Key, Breeze Key,Meteorite Key, Wind Key,and the Blaze Key are used with the Princess Scepters to perform the attack Princess Embrace. The Heart Key,Blue Moon Key,Frozen Key, Winged Key and the Lava Key are used to perform Princess Expansion.

Cure Love uses her Princess Scepter with the Lovely Key to perform Cure Love light attack, and the Heart Key to perform Cure Love lighting attack.

Cure Breeze uses her Princess Scepter with the Breeze Key to perform Ice Blizzard, and the Frozen Key to perform Ice Arrow.

Cure Garnet uses her Princess Scepter with the Blaze key to perform Sparkling Fire, and the Lava Key to perform Sunset Flame.

Cure SkyBlue uses her Princess Scepter with the Wind Key to perform Wind Windy, and the Winged Key to perform Princess Wind.


A glass rod with designs etched into it. At the bottom is a flowery shape with two gold hearts resting in the center, above a thin gold band. Attached to it is a lined bar where the hand rests with another shape on the bottom, attached with a gold band and a white sphere. On the top of the wand is a white heart lined in gold, on top of a thin gold band. The white area has designs on it, and in the center is a magenta gem heart lined in gold. The very top of the wand resembles a gold tiara with a pale pink gem heart in the middle.

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