Cure light
Kaori Sora
Kaori Sora
Royalty Princess Precure
Personal Info

Magical girl

BirthdayJuly 29
Blood TypeAB
Hair ColorWhite (Kaori)

Blonde (SkyBlue)

Eye ColorPink
Home PlaceHeaven Kingdom
First AppearanceRPPC03
Voice Actor(s)YUI
Alter EgoCure SkyBlue
LoyaltyHeaven Kingdom

Pretty Cure

Theme ColorBlue (Main)

White (sub) Yellow (sub)

Princess Sky is one of the main characters of the series Royalty Princess Precure. She is a 14-year-old girl who is very fashionista. Sky's pretty cure alter ego is Cure SkyBlue,the princess of wind.


Sky has a white hair with a ponytail stuck with a black ribbon. She wears a purple shirt with a white strip. She use a black skirt and a black stocking with gray stripes.

As Cure SkyBlue her hair is blonde and her eyes are pink. She also wears a gold tiara. She dress is white with deep pink and yellow accents,a yellow belt with a wing in front and deep pink in the skirt. Along her chest is a deep pink bow with a gold brooch and there looks to be a pink bow in the back. Her accessories include thigh-length white and blue-colored boots a wing-shaped earrings.


When she was little she transformed into Cure SkyBlue and unintentionally she broken the magic bar who separating the Twilight Kingdom from Heaven Kingdom,because of that her mother forbade her to turn into pretty cure


Tai Matsuda-Sky is the only to call her of Tai without a "-Sama". Is Tai teammate, they become friends and Tai called her of "Kaori".

Queen Royal-Royal is her Mother.

Cure SkyBlue

" The princess of wind dancing at the sky! Cure SkyBlue. "
Sora de kaze dansu no no Purinsesu! Kyua SukaiBuru.
空で風ダンスのプリンセス! キュアブルースカイ

Cure SkyBlue is the Sky's Pretty Cure Alter ego. She controls the power of Wind and transforms with the phrase, "Pretty Cure, Princess to Exchange!". Her main attack is Princess Wind .


Princess Wind-is the main attack of Cure SkyBlue. Used for the first time in episode 9.

Princess Embrace (プリンセスアンブラそ Purinsesu anburaso)-First group finishing. used for the first time in episode 13.

Princess Wind-Is the main attack of Cure SkyBlue. Used for the first time in episode 19.

Princess Expansion (プリンセスえぱんしをん Purinsesu epanshion)-is the second attack in a group for the first time Used in episode 20.

Royal Finalización (ロイヤルファイナライズ Roiyarufainaraizu)-Last group finishing, uses for the first and last time in episode 50.


Kaori:Kaori (香り) means "fragrance" or "Smell".

Sora:Sora (空) means "Sky"

So his name means "Fragrance of Sky"

His name is Sky because the Heaven is located in the sky.


Sky's voice actresses,YUI,have participated in several image songs for the character they play. They have also participated in several duets and group songs with Saki Fujita who voices Yumi Airashi,Lon who voices Tai Matsuda,Nanae who voices Tiara Himegimino, Kyoe Yoshioka how voices Rika Sato,Yui Itsuki how voice Hinori Reijin.