Queen Anne
Go! Gamers Pretty Cure
Hair ColorBlonde with dark purple ombre
Eye ColorBlue
Home PlaceDream Land
First AppearanceGGPC07
 Queen Anne is the queen of the Dream Land. She need take care of the Powers Stones so it does not fall into the hands of Daikirai.


Dream Land


Anne has a blonde hair with dark purple ombre in the tips. Her hair is stuck in a braid in the tips with a light pink ribbon to accomplish the braid and blue eyes. She use a light pink dress with hot pink accents. A gold belt with a blue geen in the middle. A gold collar with a blue gem in the middle, longs white gloves and Cream-colour boots that reach your thighs.


Princess Topaz-In episode 07 is revealed that Queen Anne has a daughter called Topaz.


  • Lydia and Erika has revealed that Princess Topaz is a princess, has a teoria saying that Topaz is Ki.
    • The theme color of both is Yellow.
    • They both are brats.
    • They both use twintail and the hair of both has white ombre.

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