The Rainbow Card is one attack card given by Luma. This cart allow the cures perform the Rainbow Renovation to purity the Muchitsujo. The Rainbow Card also allows they to transform into their Rainbow Form.

Main Uses

The Rainbow Card allow the cures use the Piano Icon, like the others Cartridges, however, this attack card is different of the others cartridges who are for transformation. This Card also allows the cures use the Attack Rainbow Renovation.

In Episode 14, They use the Rainbow Card to enter into their Rainbow Form and perform a new group attack called Hope Rainbow

Known users


  • Rainbow Renovation-They insert the Rainbow Card on their GamePact, and a Piano Icon open up. Mushroom sing the first part of the Incantation and they play the piano key with they respective colorations. As they announces the attack name and an atmosphere of light covers the area, purifying all Muchitsujos present and doing all negative energy be purified.
  • Hope Rainbow-They insert the Rainbow Card on the GamePact, and the Rainbow Icon open up. Ki insert the Royal Icon in the center of the GamePact. They transform into they Rainbow Form. They say the first part of the incantation then announces the attack name. Bubbles with the rainbow colors of light surrounding them explodes into a rainbow wall, which blasts towards the enemy.


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