Rainbow Renovation (レインボーリノベーション Reinbō rinobēshon) is the first group attack that they uses in episode 9. They needs of their GamePacts and the Rainbow Card to perform this attack.


First, they insert the Rainbow Card on their GamePact, and a Piano Icon open up. Cure Mushroom, Fight, Sonica or Thunder sing the first part of the Incantation and they play the piano key with they respective colorations. As they announces the attack name and an atmosphere of light covers the area, Cure Mushroom, Fight, Sonica or Thunder say "blast" purifying all Muchitsujos present and doing all negative energy be purified.



Cure Mushroom, Cure Fight, Cure Thunder:ブラスト
Cure Sonica:水死


All:Purikyua Reinbō rinobēshon
Cure Mushroom, Cure Fight, Cure Thunder:Burasuto
Cure Sonica:Suishi


All:Pretty Cure! Rainbow Renovation
Cure Mushroom, Cure Fight, Cure Thunder:Blast
Cure Sonica:Drowning!


Kanashimiga ima Sailor Smile
Kiseki woo kosuno Sailor Wing
Dare datte kagayaku hoshi wo motsu
Makenai! ashita e Sailor Eeru
Zettai! tsukamaeru! Sailor Star
Kono chikai todoke ginga made

Anata ga kieta sono to kikara
Sagashi tsudzukeru tabiga hajimatta
Kiban da chizu ni wa sutenshiru no tenshino e
Yubisasu saki wa daaku na koro seumu ga matteru


  • The song that the cures sing is "Makenai!" from the anime Sailor Moon.
  • This is the second attack to have a music as part of the incantation.
  • Much like Trinity Lumiere and Éclair Spoir from Go! Princess Pretty Cure, a different Cure sing the incantation says "Blast" depending on who the episode focuses on.
    • However, Ayame say "Drowning" ao invés de "Blast".

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