Active Royal Key (アクティブロイヤルキー Akutibu roiyaru kī?) is the official transformation phrase used by Cure Thunder. In order to activate the transformation,  she need their Royal Piano and Gold Icon.

List of Sequences and First Appearances

Cure Thunder --> GGPC12


Ki to Cure Thunder

The Royal Piano opens up, and Ki put the Gold Icon in the middle of piano. The crown on the top of piano lights. She says the phase and presses the piano keys and a yellow light shines.

Ki appears wears a dress of a gold light. She put your hands up and small rays cover her hands, she claps his hands makes her gloves appears and her nails paint. Various rays cover her feet makes her boots appears then the electrical waves reach the Ki's waist makes her skirt appears follow by her shirt. A small heart appears and turns into a tiara which she places on her head to make her hair grows and change the colour orange then her pikachu-like tail appears then her ears and her earnings appears. Ki then strikes a pose and then land on the ground and curtsy, when she keep her head up and a crown shine on her eyes. She says her introduction before striking her final pose.




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