Tsuna Sawashiro
Sawashiro Tsuna
Go! Gamers Pretty Cure
Hair ColorDark Brown
Eye ColorReddish Brown
Home PlaceOdayakana
First AppearanceGGPC06
Japanese Voice ActorKokubun Yukari
Brazilian Voice ActorMarcelo Campos
Tsuna Sawashiro (沢城ツナ Sawashiro Tsuna?) is a support character who appears in Go! Gamers Pretty Cure. His first appearance in Episode 6.


His first appearance in Episode 6, Momoko sleep in the class and the teacher put Momoko in the detention. A few minutes later, the teacher says to Momoko that she can now get out of detention because Tsuna will take the punishment for it. Momoko, very happy, got up and ran to hug Tsuna, which began to blush. Ki do a fake coughed and asked if Momoko will introduce her friend to them, Momoko apologized and introduced Tsuna to them, Eri took two pats on the back of Tsuna and said she never saw him, Momoko said Eri see him every day at school and Eri replied that does not pay attention to him. Ayame politely introduce herself and say it's great to meet him, Ki only look to Tsuna and say her name. They leave the room, but before Ki leave the room, Ki coldly looks at Tsuna and says he does not have much chance with Momoko and leaves.


Tsuna has a dark brown hair that is messy and falling into his eyes. He also has reddish brown eyes. He was first seen wearing the uniform of Odayakana Primary Middle School, later, in the same episode he is seen wearing a white, V-neck T-shirt beneath a dark blue denim jacket, navy blue pants with a black belt at the waist, and black tennis shoes. For the summer, he wears a white short-sleeved T-shirt, red shorts and red slip on shoes.


Tsuna is gentle and protective. He is always trying to help you can. He is kind and easy to get along. He also cares a lot with Momoko, it is the childhood friend of Eri and Momoko and Osana also knew a long time.


  • Osana Hajime-Osana is the only that Tsuna tell his secret. They both are childhood friends and they always got along very well.
  • The others Pretty Cures-After Osana and Tsuna discover the secret identity of Pretty Cures, they came to know each other and now they are all friends.


Tsuna's voice actor, Yukari Kokubun. Has participated in one group song with Koshimizu Ami how voices Asuka Eri, Kouda Mariko how voices Yoshida Momoko, Kitamura Eri how voices Hayato Ayame, Kanemoto Hisako who voices Kaminari Ki and Nakajima Megumi who voices Hajime Osana.


  • Childhood Friends (along with Nakajima Megumi, Koshizuno Ami, Kouda Mariko, Kanemoto Hisako and Kitamuta Eri)


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