This is a list of episodes from the fanseries Shojo⭐Pretty Cure!. It contains relevant information and will be edited as the story progresses. Episodes are written when I get enough inspiration. And the series is sailor-moon like, getting very dark at times, but still keeping that maho shojo spirit!

This page contains SPOILERS.

Episode # Title Villain Air Date
01 Watashi no sekai wa kiken ni sarasa rete iru! Purikyua o sagashimasu!

"My world is in danger!Find the pretty cure!"

Shizuku September 16, 2016
For Kohura and Hinata, it's all good and they couldn't be happier. However, The Land Of Love is the excat oppsite, choas arises when Shizuku captures Queen Mizuyu, and before Heartshine sees the queen disappear, the queen tells Heartshine to find the pretty cure as fast as possible.
02 Shi wa fukkatsu o imi shimasu! Safaia kazara reta chiryō-hō, chiryō-hō no tenshi!

"Death means rebirth!The sapphire adorned cure, cure angel!"

Shizuku September 20, 2016
While the queen is still held captive, Heartshine continues her mission to find the pretty cure. However, a couple hours later, Yume Kohura finds a purple brooch and Mei Hinata is threatened by Shizuku, but just in time, Kohura finds out that she is a pretty cure, a legendary warrior!
03 Ritoru wa yowai imi suru monode wa arimasen! Rubī kazara kōka, kōka ippin!
"Little does not mean weak!The ruby decorated cure, cure gem!"
Shizuku September 26, 2016
In this episodes Hinata becomes a pretty cure and has to save Kohura this time, Shizuku creates a new type of monster, and Heartshine, for the first time, says ~Hafa.
04 Monsutā no mezame! Satsujin-sha to Monako!
"A monster's awaking, the murder and the Monako!"
Naedo October 10, 2016
Being a pretty cure involves the constant kicking of butts, but failure, even if won at the end, can have damaging consequences.
05 Kesshite shizuku wa! Watashitachiha, totemo pawafuruna de~yuodesu!

"Never Shizuku!We are a poweful duo!!"

Naedo October 13, 2016
Kohura has no choice but to surrender to Naedo, Hinata is now held captive.
06 Kanojo no kagayaku kokoro o kanjite kudasai! Daiyamondo wa hōfu ni naosu, ai o naosu!

"Feel her sparkling heart!The diamond abundant cure, cure love! "

Naedo October 20, 2016
Kohura's crush comes to the rescue.
07 Watashi wa hinata o okikaete imasen! Kyōto wa yūjindesu!

" I'm not replacing Hinata!Kyoto's a friend! "

Naedo October 28, 2016
That's all, they're only teaming up!
08 Watashi no pātonā? Nani!

" My partner? What! "

Naedo November 11, 2016
Kohura kills Naedo, but another ally says goodbye.

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