Idol Star Pretty Cure♪
Personal Info
Hair ColorRed
Eye ColorRed
Home PlaceNoir
First AppearanceISPC05
Japonese Voice Actor(s)Hirakawa Daisuke
Pretty Cure Info

Sisyphus (シーシュポス Shīshuposu) is one of the commanders of Noir. He, along with Antaeus and Circe, form a group called the Evil Tunes.


First Appearance

He first appears when he steps out of the shadows, and bowed to Lilith, saying that he would definitely be the one to capture the five Top Designers, and he then disappears. Later, Sisyphus was floating in midair, when he saw Kagamine Moira run out of the dorms. He smiled, and said that he found his first victim, but wondered why Moira seemed a bit familiar. Shaking his head, he turned Moira into a Namida, but the four Cures manage to defeat it using their special abilities. Furious, Sisyphus leaves.


Sisyphus has red hair and red eyes, and he wears a black suit with a red rose attached to his tuxedo jacket. He also wears a black tie around his neck and his shoes are black.


One of Noir's commanders and a member of the Evil Tunes. He is intelligent and cunning and loves to trick people.



Official Profile/Art


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