Spectrum Pretty Cure (スペクトラムプリキュア Supekutoramupurikyua?) is the 23rd original fanseries created by Chinatsu Kiseki. The series' main motifs are rainbows while the sub motifs are hope and jewels.


When the Spectrum Kingdom gets invaded by the Dull Warriors, Prism is sent to Niji-iro City to find the Precure. While on Earth, Prism meets Kazano Aka, a passionate tennis player who is very popular in her school. Suddenly, Gris appears and creates a Blanko which makes everyone fall into a pit of despair, all except Aka. Prism realises that Aka is only one who has not fell into despair therefore realising that Aka is one of the Precure and gives Aka a Spectrum Pact while telling her to shout "Precure, Magical Spectrum Activation!". Aka then does so and becomes Cure Rosso!

Spectrum Pretty Cure episodes



Kazano Aka (火山の赤 Kazano Aka?)/Cure Rosso (キュア・ロッソ Kyua Rosso?)

The lead cure of the season. Aka is a very passionate tennis player who has a heart of pure justice. She is also the captain of the soccer team and the top student in food technology. Aka's Pretty Cure alter ego is Cure Rosso, the flame of passion whose theme colour is red.

Taiyōno Akemi (太陽野アケミ Taiyōno Akemi?)/Cure Tangerine (キュアタンジェリン Kyuatanjerin?)

Akemi is an elegant A-grade student and Aka's classmate at Niji-iro Academy. She is also the captain of the gymnastics team. Akemi's Pretty Cure alter ego is Cure Tangerine, the light of warmth whose theme colour is orange.

Hoshikawa Sol (星川ソル Hoshikawa soru?)/Cure Soleil (キュアソレイユ Kyuasoreiyu?)

A very fashionable girl and head of the textiles club. She can tell which fabric she is touching without even looking at it. Sol's Pretty Cure alter ego is Cure Soleil, the star of peace whose theme colour is yellow

Sakurasaki Rose (サクラ咲ローズ Sakurasaki rōzu?)/Cure Trébol (キュアトレボル Kyuatoreboru?)

A very shy student of the Niji-iro Academy Gardening Club. However, under all that shyness, is a sociable friendly girl waiting to be free. Her Pretty Cure alter ego is Cure Trébol, the clover of life whose theme colour is green

Aogawa Mizu (青川ミズ Aogawa Mizu?)/Cure Oceano (キュアオセアノ Kyuaoseano?)/Minami (ミナミ Minami?)

A very famous idol who goes undercover to school. In her undercover form, she is very shy but outside her undercover form, she is very very energetic. Her Pretty Cure alter ego is Cure Oceano, the water of elegance whose theme colour is blue

Akarui Willow (明るいウィロー Akarui u~irō?)/Cure Violetta (キュアヴィオレッタ Kyuavu~ioretta?)

A lively, energetic girl who also has a dark past when she was abandoned by her parents. Her Pretty Cure alter ego is Cure Violetta, the crystal of power whose theme colour is indigo.

Genzai Ai (現在愛 Genzai Ai?)/Cure Rosa (キュアロサ kyuarosa?)

One of the members of the Tennis and Gymnastics club, Ai is a very elegant girl. Her Pretty Cure alter ego is Cure Rosa, the heart of love whose theme colour is pink

Murasakino Lavender (紫野ラベンダー Murasakino rabendā?)/Cure Iris (キュアイリス Kyuaairisu?)

Lavender is a famous model as well as a sweet fun-loving girl. Her Pretty Cure alter ego is Cure Iris, the flower of happiness whose theme colour is purple

Mirai Yuki (未来雪 Mirai yuki?)/Cure Neige (キュアネージュ kyuanēju?)

Yuki is a klutz however can be smart at times. Her Pretty Cure alter ego is Cure Neige, the snow of future whose theme colour is light blue.

Nijino Hikari (虹の光 Nijino hikari?)/Radiant Arcobaleno (ラディアントアルコバレーノ Radiantoarukobarēno?)

The reincarnation of Princess Pastel of the Spectrum Kingdom after she was defeated by King Embotado of the Dull Warriors. Her alter ego is Radiant Arcobaleno, the radiance of rainbows whose theme colour is white.

Spectrum Kingdom

Prism (プリズム Purizumu?)

The main fairy of the season. She is an intelligent fairy of the Spectrum Kingdom.

Gem (ジェム Jemu?)

Prism's identical twin sister. Unlike Prism, she is a klutz.

Princess Pastel (プリンセスパステル Purinsesupasuteru?)/Cure Vistoso (キュアビストソ Kyuabisotoso?)

The princess of the Spectrum Kingdom. She was reincarnated on Earth as Hikari after she was defeated by King Embotado of the Dull Warriors. Her alter ego was Cure Vistoso, the colorful star whose theme colour was the colours of the rainbow.

Dull Warriors

Supporting Characters

Kazano Hi (火山の火 Kazano hi?)

Aka's mother and one of the past Precure, Cure Rojo.


  • Niji-iro City (虹いろシティー Niji iro shitī?) - The hometown of the cures and main setting of the series
  • Niji-iro Academy (虹いろアカデミー Niji iro akademī?) - The school the cures attend.
  • Spectrum Kingdom (スペクトラムキングダム Supekutoramukingudamu?) - The homeland of Prism, Gem and Hikari that was invaded by the Dull Warriors.


  • Spectrum Pact (スペクトラムパクト Supekutoramupakuto?) - The girls' transformation item to transform into Precure.



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