Tei Matsuda
Tei Matsuda
Royalty Princess Precure
Personal Info
BirthdaySeptember 12
Blood TypeAB
Hair ColorSky Blue (Tei)

Dark Purple (Phantom)

Eye ColorBlue (Tei)

Dark Purple (Phantom)

FamilyTai Matsuda (Young Sister)
Home PlaceYumenotoshi
First AppearanceRPPC02 (As Phantom)

RPPC03 (As Tei)

Voice Actor(s)Soraru
 Tei Matsuda is a minor character who appears in Royalty Princess Precure. She is the old brother of Tai Matsuda and her dream is to be a respectable person that can be useful to others.


Tei has a short sky blue hair and Blue eyes. Her hair is messy and is over his left eye. He wears clothes almost identical to his sister, a white shirt and a blue pants over his shirt has a black jacket.

As Phantom he hair and eyes are dark purple. He's hair style still is the same. She wears a long white coat, black pants and use a black glove in her left hand.


He is very friendly,nice and always help the peoples. He always coddled Tai,giving all she asks. He share the same dream with Rika.


Become Phantom

When Tai was 9-years-old Despear fool him and take him to Twilight Kingdom but before this she destroyed all his hopes and dreams.

Phantom is purified

In episode 2 he starts to attack the town so Tai transform into pretty cure but don't fight with him. So after Yumi become a pretty cure Love fight with the Sakebot purified her. So when Love is attack Phantom Twinkle perform the attack flickering lights stopping the Love attack. Love promises to Twinkle that will not hurt her brother, so Love perform for the first time the attack Remind Shower and Phantom is purified.


Tai Matsuda-Tei is Tai's old brother. She is very wedded with him.

Airashi Luka-In episode 14 is the family day at Princess Academy,Tei meet Luka and they become friends.


Tei's voice actress,Soraru, has participated in an image song for the character she voices. This duet is sung with Lon, who voices Tai Matsuda.

  • I missing you... (Along with Lon)


  • Tei is the first support character to be the old brother of a Cure.

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