The Twinkle Stick are a device use for Princess Twinkle in Royalty Princess Precure.

Main uses

Princess Twinkle uses her Twinkle Stick with the Meteorite Key to perform Flickering Lights,and the Blue Moon Key to perform Blue Moon Humming.


A glass rod with designs etched into it. At the bottom is a Star shape with two gold hearts resting in the center, above a thin gold band. Attached to it is a lined bar where the hand rests with another shape on the bottom, attached with a gold band and a white sphere. On the top of the wand is a white Start lined in gold, on top of a thin gold band. The white area has designs on it, and in the center is a magenta gem heart lined in gold. The very top of the wand resembles a gold tiara with a light yellow gem heart in the middle.

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