Umeko Yoshida
Yoshida Umeko
Go! Gamers Pretty Cure
Hair Colordirty blonde
Eye ColorBlue
RelationshipsAiko Yoshida (mother)

Teruko Yoshida (Father)
Momoko Yoshida (old sister)

Home PlaceOdayakana
First AppearanceGGPC01
Japanese Voice ActorHidaka Rina
Brazilian Voice ActorLeticia Celini
Theme ColorPink
Yoshida Umeko (吉田梅子 Yoshida Umeko?) is a minor character that appears in Go! Gamers Pretty Cure. She is the Momoko's young sister. Umeko is energetic and study in the same class that Ki.


Umeko has a medium-length, dirty blonde wavy hair. Straight bangs with part of which she ties up in a high ponytail at the top of her head with light pink hair bobbles. She wears a pink, sleeveless dress with white polka dots and light pink socks and brown shoes.


Umeko is a energetic girl who is a bit ungainly. Umeko loves her old sister so much and never give up and still keep the hope that Momoko one day will play with her. Umeko some times is a cry baby and cry on her mother's chest.


  • Momoko Yoshida - Umeko's old sister. Even that Momoko says "no" several times to Umeko and rarely play with her, Umeko still loves her.


Umeko - Umeko means "Plum-Blossom Child"

Yoshida - Yoshida write with the kanji "吉田" means lucky ricefield.


  • Umeko and Momoko has their names related to fruits.
    • Ume means "Plum" and Momo means "Peach".
  • Umeko's favorite colours are pink and violet.
  • Umeko is the only member in Momoko's family with blonde hair and not brown hair.

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